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Montreal's Inner Light Spectrum,
is on the way to being one of the leading purveyors of ambient-based electronica. With talent like this, the top of the heap is the obvious destination. Inner Light Spectrum crafts aural treats that conjure some serious atmosphere, thick enough to carry the listener away. The ambiance of Inner Light Spectrum's alluring, absorbing creations is one-of-a-kind.

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Inner Light Spectrum - The Path to Reality
Album: Path to eternity.

1: Dukkha
2: Chasing the clouds Feat. Flicker 3:Cocktails in Paris
5:Flowing Divinity Feat. Flicker
6:Foot Prints
7:Afternoon in the Park (Orbiting Dream) Feat. Dan Prudian
8:I just wanted to say
9: The Path to Reality
10: Bending my Belief Feat. Dan Prudian
11: Wandering Star






“Inner Light Spectrum conjures passages of compelling ambient music that almost seem to be alive with their own electric spirit.” - A&R Select

"I absolutely love to hear musicians experiment and just write from the heart... and that's exactly what I hear in your music... originality and tons of heart and soul!!!"
-David Gallegos, David Gallegos

"I love these beats. I totally dig this kind of down tempo acoustic. ... I'm kind of engrossed in YOUR sounds now! Thank you." -Kristy Morris, Kristy Morris

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